Who’s PEGGY? PEGGY is the name of my favorite children’s book (though it came out in 2012) about a little hen with a big heart for adventures. One day she gets swept away by the wind and ends up lost in the big city. She eventually finds her way back home but by then she has had spaghetti bolognaise, made new friends, and above all discovered that getting a little lost every now and then can actually be a brilliant thing!

Now PEGGY is also the name of a playful, online zine that deals with sex and sexuality in a way that’s fun, curious, and open-minded. It is published quarter-yearly, each issue centered on a different theme. Issue #1 Future Porn was launched October 2016.

PEGGY is run by me, Simone Ejstrup, a woman in her twenties who eventually got tired of blogging about her own masturbation and finally decided to start this zine as an excuse to lurk into some of the many delightful and/or scary aspects of other people’s sex lives. I’ve been swept away and ended up lost in a number of big cities throughout my adult life, but along the way I’ve been lucky to have my horizon broadened by a wide palette of wonderful people – this is the experience that I want to pass on to our readers! Here at PEGGY we believe that everybody should be allowed to pursue their erotic desires as long as they’re not hurting anybody (unless a person wants to be hurt – then it’s ok), and we see ourselves dedicated to the production of a fun, diverse, and sex–positive discourse about the many aspects of sexuality!

All the photos and drawings on this website are by me unless otherwise stated.


Simone Ejstrup

Louise Bellis Thustrup
assistant editor

We take submissions!
If you have an idea, a story, or something else that you think might be fit for PEGGY please shoot us an email at simone@peggymag.com