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Adult Performers and Their Cats

What is it about adult performers and purring pets? Following all of my favorites on Instagram I began noticing a pattern: That almost everyone of them have a cat!

This was obviously too much of a coincidence to be ignored, so I put on my glasses and started doing some research. According to this random article I came across on the Internet (and everything you read on the Internet is the truth) there are more dog than cat people in the world, which made it seem even more suspicious that such a large number of them are to be found in the adult industry. Scrolling down the same article (that was most likely written by a cat person – or are we basically just cooler?) I learned that cat people are generally more independent, intelligent, and open minded – but also slightly more neurotic.

Finally, I decided to check in with a group of adult performers to ask them about what makes their cat special. Spoiler alert: One guy found the one cat in the world that doesn’t trigger his allergies and another cat is the godchild of no less than Amarna Miller. Meet your new favorite adult performers and their cats!anneke-necro-marduk2
Anneke Necro is a performer and co-producer at BlackMind Studios. The gothic beauty’s Instagram feed is a magical mix of crystal stones and period stained dildos. Oh, and Marduk of course!

How did you meet Marduk?
We met in a deep astral travel around the universe. It was destiny.

How will you describe him?
Marduk has the name of an ancient Mesopotamian god, and as a god Marduk is arrogant, powerful, strong and seductive. He loves to be surrounded by girls and fight with his stepbrother Limbo (my boyfriend’s cat). We are similar in the way that we’re both anti-social, but also different since he’s smarter than me!

What do you guys do when you hang?
When I’m reading a book he rests beside me, but we also love to play. I toss a ball and he hunts it down and kills it.

A fun fact we should know about Marduk?
He enjoys dancing with me to “Enjoy the Silence” by Depeche Mode!nenetl-avril-pearl
Cutie Nenetl Avril is a 90% lesbian and master of “Mean Girls” references (yay!). She shares her name with an awesome comic series and looks better than most people in a rubber dress!

How did you meet Pearl?
Pearl just sort of showed up one day. I’ve had her since I was 14. I was walking home from school and I got a random phone call from my mother. I answered and her first words were “DID YOU LEAVE A FUCKING CAT AT THE HOUSE!?” to which I responded “Yes mom, I ditched school, found a cat, left it at the house and then decided to tempt fate and sneak back into class. What are you on about?” Her response was something along the lines of “ALL I KNOW IS THAT THERE IS A KITTEN HERE THE SIZE OF MY FIST MEOWING AT ME. I DON’T KNOW HOW SHE GOT IN HERE!!!” And obviously, neither did I. I still don’t know. But once I got home, we decided to foster her until we could find her a good home. But every time we would bring someone around to look at her, she would disappear. She was so small it was impossible to find her. Eventually, we just resigned ourselves to owning a cat.

How’ll you describe her personality?
Pearl is a giant princess. It’s obvious that she’s a spoiled brat but she’s so loving and affectionate that everyone sort of ends up bending to her will. Even my grandmother, who pretty much hates cats and doesn’t believe that they should live inside the house with humans (lots of superstition about cats in Mexican folklore), loves her. If Pearl and I did have any similar personality traits they would be that we refuse to be ignored, we’re both demanding, and we require lots of sleep.

What else should we know about Pearl?
We named her after Hester Prynne’s daughter in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “The Scarlet Letter”. It was one of the books I was reading at the time when she showed up and she reminded me a lot of Pearl Prynne. If I’m 100% honest, I loathe that book so much but Pearl’s Character made it bearable. Oh, and Amarna Miller is Pearl’s godmother!james-darling-brunhilda
Trans guy James Darling is an award winning performer and a director. Following him on Instagram I seriously can’t decide what’s cutest: His smile, his butt, or Brunhilda!

How did the two of you meet?
Brunhilda is actually not my cat, but I am her roommate and occasional bringer of food and chin scratches.

What is Brunhilda’s like?
She is a perfectly poised, bossy and dignified old lady who sees through all of your bullshit and wants you to do better.

What do you guys do when you hang?
Brunhilda loves to be spanked, actually harder than many humans do and she will yell at you until you do it hard enough. She also loves to be chased and to play with a bullwhip like a piece of string.

A fun fact we should know about her?
I’m usually allergic to cats but Brunhilda is exempt because she is magic!barbary-rose-lady-orlando
Pinup girl and hottie, Barbary Rose, is a lover of rope bondage. And so is Lady Orlando!

How did you first meet Lady Orlando?
My roommate was adopting a cat from a pet rescue in San Francisco and I went with her. While she was filling out paperwork I was in the living room with a litter of about six cats. A super friendly tuxedo cat came and lay down in my lap and I decided to adopt her too.

What is Lady Orlando like?
She’s a boss bitch princess, just like me. She’s definitely an alpha cat (and even an alpha to dogs). She’s curious, flirty, and super cuddly.

How do you spend your time together?
We take naps, Netflix and cuddle, and sometimes I make her homemade toys out of boxes and toilet paper rolls. She also loves watching me have sex or do rope bondage.

What else should we know about her?
Lady was almost potty trained to use the toilet…

Wait, you mean a human toilet?
Yeah, I used a training system called CitiKitty, but then she started to be an outdoor cat and lost interest in using it, haha!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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