Editor’s Letter

Welcome to the third issue, Lingerie – Here I use the French version of the word, which applies to all undergarments regardless of what gender they were meant for.

I once got really annoyed with an ex because he, despite all my hints, failed to notice that I was wearing crotchless panties under my skirt for the entire day. Hints included rubbing my lower body against his on a park bench and putting his hand between my thighs, at which point he panicked and said “We are in public”. Nothing worked. Of course I could just have told him, but I really wanted to see the surprise on his face when he found out. We were on a holiday and when we finally got back to the hotel in the evening, he pulled op my skirt and revealed the panties, but by then I was like “It’s no fun anymore. I’ll just take them off”. That day I learned an important lesson: You should never wear sexy lingerie for anyone but yourself.

And I do wear it for myself. Sometimes, if I’m feeling a bit down, it helps to put on a full set with suspenders and pour myself a glass of wine. And sometimes, if I’m going to an important job interview, I’ll put on a pair of already worn panties, because that makes me feel like a badass. Probably, my favorite underwear is a pair of high-waisted cotton briefs that I bought for one dollar, which looks almost like a diaper when I put them on. I definitely wouldn’t wear them on a first date but I feel sexy, when I put them on and dance in my kitchen.

For me, lingerie has worked as a form of self-care. It has given me confidence when I needed it. It has helped change the way I look at my body and myself as a sexual being. I wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on these opportunities. That’s why it’s important for me to emphasize that lingerie is for everybody – no matter their gender, size, body type, race, ability or age. Lingerie can mean different things to different people. In this issue of PEGGY, I’ve asked a handful of super cool and inspiring people to tell me about their favorite undergarment and what meaning it holds to them…

You can also read a conversation that i had with a 65-year-old secret crossdresser, which reminded me of how lingerie can be a sort of safe-space, because it is reserved from public judgment, which feels rare these days. No matter what you have to wear on top and what face you must project to the outside world, there’s still a place for you to be you with your lingerie.

But even though wearing lingerie for yourself is nice, it can definitely add to the excitement, when you have someone to wear it for. Actually, in this issue of PEGGY you can meet a woman, who has made a whole career out of wearing lingerie for others – by selling her worn panties on the Internet. The market for this is bigger than you think. Allegedly the industry peaked in 2015 with the airing of season three of Orange Is the New Black, when the main character Piper recruits a string of her fellow inmates to wear a pair of knickers for a day or two, after which they are smuggled of the prison and sold online for a pretty profit.

Lastly I want to say that I feel very grateful to all of the incredible people who have agreed to be a part of this issue. I hope you all will enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed making it.


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