Little Death

Editor’s Letter

Welcome to issue #2 Little Death!

In French they have an expression called La Petite Mort, which translates to The Little Death and is a popular synonym for the orgasm. Imagine this: There are two kinds of deaths – there’s the definite one from which you don’t return (depending on what your beliefs are) and then there are all the little ones, orgasms. In a way they’re also life-stoppers and in that sense deaths, but while the definite one closes the book, orgasms are the punctuation marks in life.

This got me thinking about a popular comic series called Sex Criminals, in which Suzie, a young librarian, has the ability to freeze time whenever she cums. This ability, which leaves her in solitude at her most vulnerable, is mostly felt as a curse up until the night she decides to bring home a guy named Joe – only to discover that he shares her extraordinary ability. Days of lonely orgasms are gone! And as the two’s relationship develops they come up with the idea to use their time-freezing power to rob the bank where Joe works in order to save Suzie’s endangered library – cute!

Suzie’s story reminds us, that figuring out how to function as a sexual human being can be a really confusing and lonesome quest, but every now and then we’re lucky enough to meet someone who makes us feel less alone, like we’re in this shit together.

This issue of PEGGY is not so much about the orgasm itself as it’s about the various sexual adventures we engage in to get there. We can feel puzzled about the fact that different people are turned on by different things, but instead of alienating sexual interests that are unlike our own, let’s try to understand them. After all, nobody gets to decide what turns them on.

The exploration of taboos has been in PEGGY’s interest from the very beginning. Some of you might have noticed how the name is alluding to pegging – the act of fucking someone with a strap-on. That’s actually not a coincidence. Pegging was the concern of a guy I met on Tinder a couple of years back. He’d never tried it. He wanted to. But he was afraid of other people’s judgment and as a result his profile was anonymous. After explaining the concept to me (I’d never heard of pegging before!), he asked me: So what’s your opinion on that? My opinion? I replied a little surprised. I mean, I can have an opinion about the recent presidential election in the United States, but when it comes to pegging… If that’s what you’re into, surely you should just go for it! There are so many ways one can bring negativity into this world. Wanting to be pegged is just not one of them. So I guess you can say that my opinion is, that no one should ever feel ashamed about wanting to stick a dildo up their ass, and eventually I decided to take that belief and turn it into the ground stone of PEGGY.

In this issue you can read an interview with one of my favorite adult performers and filmmakers, Anneke Necro, who tells us how her erotic life is entwined with death. And in another interview, a young French musician explains why he thinks that scat is the highest level of intimacy two people can experience together… I hope that it will spark your curiosity and broaden your horizon, as working on this issue surely has for me. Enjoy!

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