Talking Panty Selling with Pantingirl

Imagine if instead of washing your dirty underwear you could just drop it off in the mail and even get paid for it. Dream scenario, right? You’ve probably heard about the phenomena before: Women selling their used panties on the Internet. And today there are a ton of online marketplaces where you can set up an account specifically for the purpose. But what is the daily life of a panty seller really like? Here you can meet Lana aka. Pantingirl – one of the hottest and most hard-working sellers on the market!

Bonus info: Lana just launched her own fetish podcast, which is both fun and informative! In the first episode she conveniently talks about panty selling. Do yourself a favor and listen to it HERE.

Simone: Hi Lana, how did you come up with the idea to sell your used panties online?

Lana: I read an article a couple of years ago written by someone who had spent time selling panties and I thought it would be fun and silly. I really didn’t expect anything to come of it besides making a few bucks. After the first few orders came in, I realized how rewarding it was to do fetish work. What began as an absolute fluke turned into what I can only describe as almost a calling for me.

You sell through your own website, pantingirl.combut there are also lots of online marketplaces to choose from. Do you use any of those?

The first thing I did to begin was create a profile on Scented Pansy. It was affordable and easy to set up a profile, and where I got my very first sale. I am still on that site today because I feel a connection to them. I didn’t like any of the other sites back then and if it wasn’t for Scented Pansy, I may never have decided to start selling at all.
I mostly work independently now, but you can find me also on The Kinky Boutique, which is another incredible site. It’s woman owned and I absolutely love the support they give to both buyers and sellers. Membership for buyers on The Kinky Boutique is free, encouraging people to come look around and hopefully pull the trigger on something they’ve wanted to do for a long time.

Ok, so let’s start with the basics for those who might not be so familiar with panty selling… What does a typical request from a buyer look like?

Every order is different, but what I can tell you is what I personally offer for a “basic wear”. I wear the panties for 24 hours, I cum at least once and I provide pictures. I ship discreetly and with tracking. The shipping charges for all US orders is included. Every order is customized on top of this basic criteria.

What are some of the things that buyers might add to the basic wear?

One thing that’s exciting is that the possibilities are only limited to the client’s imagination. However, there are many common “add-ons”, as they’re called, that are added regularly. These include extra play sessions, videos, pee, poop, stuffing the panties into the pussy, period panties, tampons, pads, creampie panties (panties with semen in them) and role plays during the time the panties are worn.

This is perhaps a silly question, but what do the clients actually do with the panties when they receive them – smell them, taste them, wear them?

All of the above! It depends on the person, everyone is unique, but smelling, tasting, wearing, and masturbating with the panties are all very common occurrences.

I would like to know a bit about the packaging, which I’ve heard can be quite an art form in itself. What’s the best way to ship off your freshly soaked panties to their new owner?

There are different schools of thought on this, and panty sellers can be ridiculously passionate about everything, including whether or not to vacuum seal. I package based on what the customer wants, of course, but I prefer to double wrap the gusset to preserve both smell and moisture, then vacuum seal. I then add my own style of packaging and presentation.

How many hours would you say that you spend on your panty business a week including marketing and everything?

Oh my God. It is definitely a full time job for me. My income is completely sales driven, so every day you slack on marketing is revenue lost in the coming weeks. I am also so incredibly passionate about what I do; I honestly can’t go for more than a couple of hours without working during my waking hours. I’ve never had anything that I am so focused on. The second I wake up in the morning I am ready to go, on my phone taking orders and fielding questions from people who are ready to hire me.

How familiar were you with the fetish scene before you started selling used panties?

Not very. I’ve always had an interest in it; I’ve attended a yearly fetish fair in my area for many years. I’ve always been incredibly curious about human sexuality and all of its variations and intricacies, but before I started doing this I really hadn’t put much effort into learning about fetishes at all.

I assume you get some very specific and weird requests sometimes – will you do anything or do you draw a line somewhere?

I hate to use the term “weird” when talking about fetish work, because human sexuality is innately complicated. The course of events that spark a fetish often starts at a relatively young age, and I like people to know that they can come to me with any request and it will not be judged in any way. The projects I do are not for me. I strive to be a safe space for people to enjoy and embrace their kinks without hesitation. But to answer your question, there were lines that I had in the beginning that I really felt uncomfortable crossing. Over time I began challenging myself more and more to set my own issues aside and really embrace being a conduit for someone, so to speak. At this point I don’t think there’s anything I won’t do. If there is, I imagine I’ll get over that hurdle just like I did everything else.

I remember years ago when I started following this blog that would interview people with all sorts of fetishes, and I noticed how something that may have shocked me the first time already felt like no big deal the second time I was exposed to it. I genuinely believe that reading all those people’s stories helped me become an overall more accepting person, and I guess that’s why I think initiatives like the podcast you just launched are so important – it’s about creating a discourse about fetishes without the alienation or ridicule.

Stigmas around sexuality have ruined lives forever. Healthy attitudes about sex and education about the complexities and variations are so incredibly important to me. A lot of my own personal discomfort I felt in the beginning was really borne out of my own hang-ups and ignorance regarding certain fetishes. I feel so passionate about educating people so that other’s can live their lives feeling more accepted and without shame.

I hear you! In your podcast you mentioned your background in psychology and working as a therapist. Do you think being a sex worker is sometimes sort of like being a therapist?

Yes, I absolutely feel that sex workers are working in a therapeutic capacity. It worries me to see some workers operating as if they aren’t, or as if it’s a game. People are coming to you in a vulnerable state, often sharing pieces of themselves that they’ve never shared with anyone. You’re in a position to really either help them or shame them. I’ve seen workers online publicly shame a client for asking for something that worker doesn’t do. It isn’t your job to judge people. It’s your job to take your own preferences out of the equation for them. This isn’t your time. It’s their time. You’ve provided a safe space for them to express themselves and not only provide the services they’ve hired you for, but to reduce any shame or guilt they’ve been harboring, as well as protect their confidentiality. In fact, and I said this in my first podcast, I feel like my clients come to me in a more vulnerable and open state than they ever did when I met people face to face when I was working as a therapist.

What is the best memory you’ve gained from panty selling so far?

Wow, there are so many. Probably my favorite memories are times when I’ve been hired for a project and I hear back from the customer that I truly captured what it is that they were looking for. This comes mostly from creating videos for lesser known fetishes and selling things other than panties. The feeling I get when I have been able to capture something that has been floating around in someone’s head for years is my greatest accomplishment as far as fetish work.

Have you ever had any bad experiences?

Obviously with any sex work, even online sex work, there are negative experiences. Online bullying, verbal abuse and threats are common. I’ve been extremely lucky to have dealt with very little. I’ve developed a pretty thick skin and can weed out negative people pretty quickly. I think it was more difficult in the beginning when I naively wasn’t expecting the level of objectification that occurs or how rude and brash someone can be when they’re hiding behind a screen, but you quickly either quit or become strong and empowered.

In the past month I’ve noticed that just by looking at photos of other women’s worn panties, I’ve actually become more chill about my own body fluids. Like, I’d normally not let anyone see the gusset of my used panties but then there are just all these people putting it out there… Do you think starting a panty business in any way has changed the way you think about your body?

Yes, absolutely. In today’s society, it’s common for women to feel ashamed of their vaginas. We have creams and douches so that our natural smell is undetectable. This scent, which has attracted men on a primal level for millions of years, is hidden these days. It is an amazing feeling to not feel ashamed, whether it is our own sexuality or something as simple as our smell and our discharge.
I’m also much more accepting of my body as a whole. With as many negative people as there are online, there are thousands more who are nothing but supportive. I’ve always been an exhibitionist, so to show my body is fairly normal for me. But the amount of support I have gotten for my average 42-year-old body is incredible and definitely has boosted my confidence.

Thank you, Lana ♥

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